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Manitex, marque déposée et brevetée par Gabier'n'Rigs


Inspired by traditional “infantry button”, GABIER'N'RIGS invented and developed a shackle in textile called MANITEX. Manitex obtained a special mention from the jury of the Amsterdam’s International show of Nautical Equipment in 2005.

Manitex, a brand which has a patent is made out of Dyneema. It’s six times lighter than a metal shackle HR and has the same resistance. Manitex does not cause any chafing and does not require tools to open and close it. Besides its mechanical qualities, Manitex is unique as its mechanism is silent. Manitex exists in all sizes for all resistance and can be custom-made.

Sheated Manitex

In order to improve its resistance to chafing, GABIER’N'RIGS suggest today the sheathed Manitex, made with Dyneema or Vectran, which is 20% more resistant.


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